The right message, to the right person, at the right time

Digital Media Marketing is a series of marketing options we are offering to deliver your product/service(s). exploreMedia will take care of everything from creating effective and responsive ads to building the best strategy to reach your intended audience. We build your target audience, drive website traffic, and drive leads by breaking into the billion dollar digital market through Geofencing and Geotargeting and Targeted Social Media.

Programmatic Advertising 

We offer a customized digital media package that provides:
• A custom audience curation marketing session with our digital strategist
• Five custom mobile and desktop ads with option to update quarterly
• 24/7 analytics dashboard with competitive conversion tracking
•100,000+ impressions per month with annual contract

GEO FENCE Target customers who live or work in specific neighborhoods, your competitors, key events or correlating businesses OR we can deliver digital ads to your mailing list.

GEO TARGET Target customers in a radius around your business who are searching, researching and reading about your products and services.

WEBSITE RE-TARGET Bring 70% of your website traffic back to your website by retargetting potential customers.

AUDIENCE CURATION Take your customization to the next level with our Audience Curation Tool. With this premium
add-on you can select an audience based on household composition, interest/hobbies, retail purchases, contributor/donor, travel, gender or household income.

Targeted Social Media Advertising

Why paid social media advertising? 
Only 2.6% of a page’s fan base will see organic page posts
• Drive leads
• Drive website traffic
• Build audiences

exploreMEDIA WILL:
• Create effective and responsive ads
• Build a strategy to effectively reach your audience based on:
– Interests
– Locations
– Income/Occupation
– Life Events
– Education
• Conduct website & Facebook retargeting
• Utilize daily testing and optimization
• Offer flat fee packages
• SEND LEADS within minutes

For more information on Digital Advertising, call 334-578-7810